The Beautiful and The Profane

A place for my musings. Which are usually very dirty or angry, or both because everyone likes angry, hate sex.

Happy New Year!!!

I’m spending this year with the same person as last year. But I won’t be deserting him this year.
This year I’m his and he’s mine and he makes me so happy.
I just wanted to share my drunken joy.

Fuck my stupid fucking job.
Fuck shift bid. It’s fucking bullshit.
The worst part is people assuming that I’m in a way better position than I actually am. And I should be but I’m not. So shift bid rankings can go fuck themselves.
Fuck my stupid fucking job.



Salvador Dali & Philippe Halsman, Voluptas Mors, (1951)

Voluptas Mors (Voluptuous Death) took three hours for Halsman and Dali to arrange. The models were painstakingly positioned according to a an earlier sketch by Dalí. The result is one of later surrealism’s most iconic images.

I’ve been waiting all my life to see these photos.